• What precautions are we taking regarding COVID-19?
  • What is a consolidation loan?
  • How long does it take to get approved and have my loan funded?
  • What will my interest rate be?
  • Who will be funding my loan?
  • What type of terms are available?
  • How much can I get approved for?
  • What is Debt Relief?
  • How can I schedule to see my local representative?
  • What can I anticipate the meeting to be like?
  • ¬†What kind of debt qualifies?
  • How can I get the most out of this option?

All our representatives have had extensive training on proper COVID-19 safety protocols. Our representatives are temperature checked daily. Anyone with any fever, cold, or COVID-19 symptoms are not allowed to go to meet with clients or come into our office. They are all trained to keep a six-foot distance, wear masks, and gloves when meeting with clients, and all tablets are sanitized between every consultation.

A consolidation loan is a personal loan that is typically used to pay off multiple credit cards. This is done so the consumer no longer has multiple payments to make to various companies. But instead can now make one monthly payment on one loan. Consumers often do this to facilitate lower interest on their loan vs. the interest rate attached to their credit cards.

Approval and funding can take place in as little as 2 or 3 days.

Interest rates are determined on a case by case basis dependent on various factors such as credit score, debt to income ratio, and desired loan amount however rates will begin as low as 2.49% APR.

Through our service we have access to 50 different lenders.

Loan terms can vary from 6 months to 144 months.

Qualified applicants have the potential to get approved for up to $250k.

Debt Relief is an opportunity for consumers to pay down their unsecured debts rather than file for bankruptcy. Clients put money into a savings account monthly, which begins the negotiation process to satisfy creditors allowing the debts to be paid and alleviated.

We have a few options for you. For starters, you can call our customer service success team at 877 231-1778. Our team members would be happy to match you with one of our fantastic local representatives. You also have the option to fill out our online scheduling request! Once your appointment has been scheduled, you will receive a call from your local representative to confirm.

In our opinion, there is no comparison to true human connection. It allows you the opportunity to examine your options and build comfort with the person you are working with. During your meeting, expect to complete a brief evaluation. You will be asked about your expenses, income, debts, relevant hardship information, and most importantly your goals. After completing the evaluation your representative will discuss your qualifications for our available options. Please be aware that not everyone can qualify, however, your representative will do their best to create a flawless file for you. Lastly, you can expect an amazing customer service experience!

The beauty of getting approved for a personal loan is that you can do whatever you chose with the funds once received. That said, unsecured debts are our specialty. That means debts such as credit cards, collections, personal loans, and medical bills. If going the debt relief route, your local representative is thoroughly trained to identify what debts we can and cannot work with. During the consultation your representative will be able to go into further detail should there be any uncertainty.

  • Add in all eligible debts.
  • Frequent and open communication with customer service.
  • Stay consistent with monthly drafts.
  • Avoid swiping and focus on using cash.
  • Abstain from taking out more credit!
  • Put the money you are saving from the program aside.

This program is not just about reducing debt, it is about getting a second chance at your finances. It’s about the chance to live a life of financial freedom!